Minion Rules

The Six Ability Scores

Much like a PC, an evil organization has six ability scores that define them. Every score ranges from -5 to +10. These scores modify both action and skill rolls.

Where a PC has Strength, Organizations are Ruthless. Ruthless is the ability to get violent things done. If Ruthless ever hits -5, your organization cannot take any violent actions.

Where a PC has Dexterity, Organizations have Secrecy. Secrecy is the ability to conceal your organization and its operations. If Secrecy ever reaches -5, your organization becomes a household name in Talingarde.

Where a PC has Constitution, Organizations have Survivability. Survivability is your organization’s ability to survive adversity. If Survivability ever hits -5, your organization has ceased to exist.

Where a PC has Intelligence, Organizations have Connections. Connections is your ability to get nonviolent tasks done. If Connections ever hits -5, your organization can take no skilled actions.

Where a PC has Wisdom, Organizations have Espionage. Espionage is the ability to acquire information others don’t want you to have. If Espionage ever hits -5, your organization can take no espionage actions.

Where a PC has Charisma, Organizations have Loyalty. Loyalty is your minion’s devotion to their masters. If Loyalty ever hits -5, your organization falls apart.

An organization’s scores start at zero. Each master with a positive charisma modifier has that many points to spend increasing the scores. No score can initially be raised above +4. Scores change from game effects and when a master gains a level — a master then adds +1 to a score of their choice. No score may ever exceed +1.

The Action Check

When an action is performed, this usually involves an Action Check. This roll is the relevant score plus a d20. A Secrecy Check, for example, is d20 + Secrecy.

Every action check will have a target number assigned by the Game Master. To succeed an Action Check must equal or beat that number. A natural 1 is always a failure. A natural 20 often improves the checked score.

The Game Master, based on difficulty given the current circumstances, assigns target numbers.


Actions represent an evil organizations ability to get things done. Every week you command your evil organization to perform actions. The maximum number is determined by adding the each leader’s level + current Charisma modifier and then consulting thus chart.

Level + Char Score – Actions/ Week
9 – 0
10 -1
11 -1
12 -1
13 – 2
14 – 2
15 – 3
16 – 3
17 – 4
18 – 4
19 – 5
20 – 5
21 – 6
22 – 7
23 – 8
24 – 9
25 – 10

“You Have Failed Me for the Last Time”

Any time you are unhappy with any Action Check, you can execute the minion who failed you and demand that the other try again if they don’ t want to meet the same fate. You may reroll the failure. You can only reroll once per Action Check and executing the minion so callously does shake the other minions — you take a -1 to Loyalty.

Using Cohorts

A cohort can be assigned to aid minions. Any cohort so tasked is unavailable for anything else that week. A cohort adds their relevant ability score modifier to an action check. For example Grumblejack the ogre adds his +6 Strength modifier to any Ruthless actions. If an action aided by a cohort loses Survivability, the cohort must make a Fortitude save equal to the DC of the task or die.

The Action List

  • Abduct Peasants (Ruthless): Attempt to abduct peasants.
  • Assassination (Ruthless): Attempt to kill someone.
  • Criminal Enterprise (Ruthless): Use crime to acquire funds.
  • Frame Someone (Espionage): Plant evidence to make someone look guilty of some unsavory crime.
  • Gather Information (Connections): Try to gather random rumors or answer questions that might be known about the town.
  • Grave-Robbing (Espionage ): Violate graves to acquire corpses and skeletons.
  • Guard Duty (N/A): Guard a location for the week.
  • Hunt Beasts (Ruthless): Order the capture of wild beasts.
  • Indoctrinate (N/A): Teach your minions the meaning of obedience (Can only be taken if Loyalty < 0).
  • Lay Low (N/A): Keep your organization out of the spotlight (Can only be take if Secrecy < 0).
  • Legitimate Enterprise (Connections): Use legitimate means to aquire funds.
  • Recover (N/A): Stay out of danger and focus on recruiting new members (Can only be taken if Survivability < 0).
  • Spread Disinformation (Espionage): Try to convince the populace of something that isn’t true.
  • Torture Captives (Ruthless): Extract information from “guests” of your dungeon.
  • Training (N/A): Improve your skill at ruthless, connections or espionage actions (Can only be taken if score being improved < 0).
  • Trap Building (Connections): Build a trap.
  • Trap Repair (Connections): Fix up to three traps.

Minion Rules

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